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By Americans.  For Americans.  In Colombia.

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 Who Are We? 

Discover unparalleled opportunities for:


through Medical Tourism in Colombia. Our services cater to Americans in search of top-tier dentists and surgeons, utilizing world-class facilities at a fraction of U.S. costs.  MTC ensures access to exceptional healthcare experiences in Colombia's enchanting second city, Medellin.

Benefit from the expertise of the finest doctors and dentists, providing high-quality care at remarkably affordable rates. According to the World Health Organization, Colombia ranks 22nd globally for healthcare, surpassing the United States. Safety is paramount, with Medellin deemed safer than Chicago, as reported by the International Economic Association in 2023.

In response to rising demand for cost-effective alternatives, we hve meticulously vetted and assembled a team of highly qualified medical professionals. Medical Tourism in Colombia goes beyond standard offerings, providing a comprehensive concierge service. This includes personalized access to a wide range of medical and dental procedures, luxurious accommodations, private transportation, nursing support, and multilingual interpretation services – all tailored to meet your individual needs and budget.

In Colombia, healthcare excellence meets affordability. Get the procedure you're dreaming of with Medical Tourism in Colombia – your gateway to premier cosmetic and medical services, and avoid the astronomical cost, lack of personal attention, and the frustration of healthcare as big business one too often finds in the United States.

Call us now at (888) 454-2630 or fill in the "Contact Us!" form to speak to our all American sales team now!

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Explore our Value Proposition: Medical Tourism in Colombia is your premier solution for high-quality, low-cost cosmetic dentistry, plastic surgery, eye surgery and hair transplants, outshining US alternatives.

Take Donna from rural Pennsylvania. Locally, she faced a staggering quote of $45,000 for a comprehensive and complex full smile makeover. Her total cost in Colombia from her expert dental team?  Just 
$19,000, including all travel expenses!

Medical Tourism in Colombia offers clients access to plastic surgery, hair transplants, eye surgery and cosmetic dentistry at costs that are typically 50% or more lower than US prices.  This includes all your costs, so when adding up the flights to and from Colombia, pick up at the airport and transportation everywhere in a private car, luxurious accommodations, superb dining (including a private chef if you want one), our fees and the procedure provided by first class doctors in world-class clinics, you can still anticipate saving 50% or more.  And you'll do so in a safe, secure environment where we guide you every step of the way.

Unlock substantial savings while achieving the smile, hairline, and profile you desire. Dial (888) 454-2630 now to discover how you can save thousands without compromising on quality!
Plastic Surgeons operating


Using our connections to a network of world-class healthcare professionals, Medical Tourism in Colombia focuses on plastic and cosmetic surgery, dental surgery, hair transplants, eye surgery, and a wide range of aesthetic procedures at savings of 30%-70% over US providers.

What are you looking for?  Call us at (888) 454-2630.  We have a wide network of doctors who can help you, and our experienced staff will work to help you identify the best providers for your specific needs.

Otherwise, click below for more information about the specific procedures that interest you:
Cosmetic Dentist working on patient
Everyone knows that the cost of cosmetic dentistry in the United States is through the roof.  Not so in Colombia, where you can save over 50%.  Colombian dentists are trained in the most modern techniques, utilize the latest, strongest and longest-lasting materials, and offer gentle, sympathetic care for world class results in a comfortable environment. 
Tummy Tuck pre-operative process
Cosmetic surgery for both men and women are extremely popular in Colombia (more so than in the United States).  Colombians are savvy consumers with high standards, and Colombian plastic and cosmetic surgeons are among the best in the world, most having performed thousands of successful surgeries for satisfied patients.  The hospitals and clinics we refer our clients to are world-class, with warm, friendly support care, offering the highest professional standards for 40%-70% less than in the United States.

Click on the links below for more information about your procedure.
Balding is no fun for anyone.  But thanks to advancements in technology and surgical techniques, hair restoration surgery now offers a solution for those seeking to regain a headful of natural-looking hair. Say goodbye to receding hairlines, thin patches, and even the dreaded bald spot! Medical Tourism in Colombia can refer you to highly experienced hair transplant professionals who use both robotic and manual FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technologies - the cutting edge of hair transplant procedures -  to harvest individual hair follicles in the shortest time and with virtually no pain.  Artfully transplanted to give you that youthful look you dream of, these procedures offer a permanent solution, restoring not just your hair but your confidence as well. They can even fix those bald spots in your beard!  And of course, these services are offered by experienced professionals in modern facilities at a fraction of the cost of the same procedures in the US.
Eye Surgery in Medellin
With age, so many of us who used to have great eyesight find ourselves squinting to read, wearing glasses, struggling at the computer, and missing out on the true glory of the scenery around us. Vision correction surgeries like LASIK, cataract surgery, and lens replacements have revolutionized the field of ophthalmology, offering transformative benefits to countless individuals seeking clearer vision and improved quality of life. LASIK, a popular procedure for correcting refractive errors, reshapes the cornea to address issues like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. This outpatient procedure is quick, virtually painless, and often results in reduced reliance on glasses or contact lenses, providing individuals with newfound visual freedom and convenience in their daily lives.
Cataract surgery, another remarkable advancement, involves replacing the clouded lens of the eye with an artificial intraocular lens. This procedure effectively restores clear vision impaired by cataracts, enhancing not just sight but also colors and contrasts, allowing individuals to see the world vividly once again. Moreover, lens replacement surgeries extend beyond cataracts, offering solutions for those seeking to correct refractive errors or reduce dependency on glasses through the implantation of multifocal or accommodating lenses. These advanced lenses can address a range of vision issues, granting patients improved vision across various distances and lighting conditions, reducing or eliminating the need for corrective eyewear.

Medical Tourism in Colombia will refer you to the best English-speaking Opthamologists in the most modern facilities available.  They will examine your eyes closely, determine the appropriate painless surgery for you, and have you seeing the world with renewed clarity in a matter of days, all at a price you won't find in the US.  
Important Disclaimer

Medical Tourism in Colombia operates as a facilitator that connects clients with medical professionals in Colombia. While we endeavor to provide accurate information and facilitate connections, the choice of a specific medical provider ultimately rests solely with the client. 

We do not assume responsibility or liability for the outcomes of any medical procedures or treatments performed by the recommended medical professionals. Clients are encouraged to conduct their own research, verify credentials, and make informed decisions regarding their healthcare choices.


By utilizing our services, clients acknowledge and agree that Medical Tourism in Colombia shall not be held responsible for any dissatisfaction, issues, complications, or consequences arising from the services provided by the referred medical professionals.

Please consult with the chosen medical provider directly to understand their terms, conditions, and any associated risks before proceeding with any medical treatment.

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Save 50% or more on Cosmetic Dentistry, Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplants & More!

  • World Class Care Full Concierge Service

  • Great Results at a Fraction of the Cost

  • For Americans, By Americans, In Colombia

  • Only state-of-the-art Materials

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Why Choose Us?

At Medical Tourism in Colombia, we stand out for our commitment to delivering exceptional value and care to our clients.

  • Luxurious Experience: Indulge in deluxe accommodations and amenities throughout your stay in Colombia.

  • Safety and Security: Rest assured knowing that your health and well-being are our top priorities in a safe and secure environment

  • Seamless Journey: From initial consultation to post-procedure care, we streamline every aspect of your medical tourism experience.

  • Full Concierge Service: From the moment you contact our American reps to the completion of your treatment, our English-Speaking team provides 100% guidance and support.

About Us

At Medical Tourism in Colombia, we pride ourselves on connecting you with the highest quality medical and aesthetic treatments at incredible prices. Our extensive network of skilled professionals in Medellin offers you the opportunity to access world-class healthcare while saving significantly on procedures such as cosmetic dentistry, plastic surgery, hair transplants, and eye surgery. Enjoy the unique blend of quality, safety, and luxury that only we can provide. Let us guide you on your path to renewed confidence and well-being.

Our Process


Call us (888) 454-2630  or fill in our contact form.  We’ll answer all your questions about getting your procedure in Colombia.


We’ll set up a video conference with a highly qualified doctor or dentist to review your case.  This is his opportunity to determine which procedures are appropriate for you.


Receive a detailed proposal from us with pricing in US dollars, including all your medical or dental costs as well as lodging, private transportation, private nursing if requested and all the extras.


Give us the go-ahead and book your flight.  We’ll take it from there, ensuring every detail of your trip is worry free and you are booked with the best available world-class professionals for your procedure.

Ready to Transform Your Smile?

Experience the best in dental care and achieve the smile you've always wanted. Contact us today to schedule your video consultation with a leading dentist!

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Our Comprehensive Dental Services

At Medical Tourism in Colombia, we offer:

We refer you to a  team of experienced dental professionals ensuring you receive the best possible care and results. Contact us today to learn how to get started..

World Class Healthcare - Serious Savings

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