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 Our Process 

To start, call us at (888) 454-2630 to start the process, or fill in our Consultation Form and we'll call you.  Our process is designed to answer all your questions, address your concerns, and learn your exact needs in terms of the kind of procedure you're looking for, your schedule, medical history, preferred lodgings, extras you might want to add to your trip, etc.  From there we'll seek out the best medical professionals to meet your exact need (we already have close relationships with many that are renowned in their specialties), book your lodgings, arrange all your local transportation, schedule your support staff (interpreters, nurses, etc.) organize your post-op recovery and arrange everything so your care and stay with us will surpass all your expectations!  See below for how we will work with you to ensure your time here is custom designed to fit your needs.

The First Conversation

Woman on Phone

Call us at (888) 454-2630, or fill in our Consultation Form and we'll call you.  We'll be happy to answer your questions and address all your concerns.


We'll have questions for you as well.  What type of procedure are you looking for?  When might you want to schedule your surgery?  Do you want to combine your time in Colombia with a vacation?  What kind of lodgings do your prefer?

The Questionnaire

Filling Out a Form

Your doctor or dentist will want to know about your medical history and we'll want to confirm your lodging preferences and understand better your availability for travel.  The answers to any medical questions will be kept private and shared only with the prospective doctor we are referring you to.

Video Meeting with your Doctor
This is the first opportunity you will have to meet your doctor.  If needed, we will have an interpreter on the line to ensure a clear and accurate exchange of information. This will be your opportunity to ask your doctor any questions you may have, and it will be his or her opportunity to completely understand your medical history, the procedure you're looking for and your expected results.  He will take the time to explain any possible risks in the surgery you are electing to undergo, manage expectations, and lay out the required time and requirements for recuperation.  There is a fee for your doctors time, but it is capped at $100 or less (different doctors charge different rates).

The Proposal

Once you've signaled to us your desire to move ahead, we will send you a two-part proposal that will include a detailed medical or dental treatment plan and all other services that will be provided, including lodging, transportation, and extras.  The proposal will include all pricing, in US dollars, so you will have the opportunity to compare the cost of the procedure in Colombia versus the United States, and see in detail how much you will be saving.  You will also have the opportunity to sign the proposal signaling your willingness to contract with us to arrange your trip and commit to the surgery with the doctor or dentist we have referred you to as well as the dates of travel and surgery.

Once you have signed the contract, we will bill you for the charges contained in the proposal.  A deposit of 50% is due at signing.  This amount is 50% refundable until four weeks before the procedure, when the remaining balance is due.  At that point, we will have worked with the doctor to arrange his schedule, booked your lodgings and transportation and made your other arrangements, and therefore, your payments are not refundable.  However, if you have to postpone and reschedule your procedure due to a verified emergency, you may do so up to two weeks in advance, with no penalty.  If it is less than two weeks in advance, there will be an additional fee of $1,000 due because of the costs associated with the rescheduling.

 Once paid, you have nothing to worry about.  We take care of all the arrangements and pay for all procedures, lodging and services contained in the proposal for you.  If while in Medellin you want any extras, require additional medical, dental or post-operative services, or simply want us to arrange a night out, we can keep your credit card on file, and take care of additional charges you've approved.
The Itinerary
Pointing Pencil
Once your full payment has been received, we'll send you a detailed itinerary.  It will include all transportation, lodging, medical or dental procedures and any extras that were included in the proposal.  It will be the roadmap for your trip.  But don't worry, you'll always be able to connect with our staff before and during your time in Medellin, so we  can answer any questions and ensure you are getting the experience that meets your needs.
Arrival in Medellin
Welcome to Medellin!  You will be met at the airport as you exit customs by your driver (holding a placard with your name) and an English-speaking representative of Medical Tourism in Colombia.  In the car our staff member will go over any details that may still not be clear about the next several days of your trip.  He or she will reconfirm your schedule, offer advice on what to see in our lovely city, coordinate any last minute extras you might want to include to enhance your trip, and ensure you are aware of how to contact us at any time. The start of a worry free, comfortable and enjoyable experience in Colombia!

World Class Healthcare - Serious Savings

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