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 About Us 

Medical Tourism in Colombia is the premier concierge service dedicated to arranging medical and dental services in Colombia for Americans.  Owned and operated by Americans, we know the high expectations our clients have of the medical professionals they choose to work with and the facilities they prefer to frequent, not to mention first class transportation, lodging, and other services required during your stay.  Medical Tourism in Colombia provides all of this in a safe, secure, upscale environment that provides exceptional savings to fit your budget.

Call us now at (888) 454-2630 for more information.

 What Do We Do? 

To be clear, we do not offer medical or dental services.  We do vet these services by visiting clinics and offices, interviewing the doctors we refer you to, requesting pertinent licenses and CV's (including medical and dental schools attended), and in some cases using these medical and dental services ourselves!  Once we feel that we would be comfortable having these medical professionals attend us, we will refer them to you when appropriate.  You are always given the opportunity to have a video conference call with the medical professional during which you can and should ask any and all questions about their experience, expertise, qualifications and anything else that will help you make your decision.  Medical Tourism in Colombia will also be happy to supply you with any additional pertinent information we have - please just ask!  However, the decision as to which doctor you use is yours alone.

Once you decide that you want to procede further, Medical Tourism in Colombia arranges every aspect of your stay, doing everything we can to make your time in Medellin as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

 How Do We Make Money? 

Medical Tourism in Colombia is a concierge service that makes money by adding a margin onto the medical and dental services we refer to you, as well as the lodgings, transportation, interpretation, nursing and other services we arrange on your behalf.  The fees you see in the proposals we send you include these margins.  We believe you will be surprised and relieved to see they are at levels far below what is available in the United States.

Important Disclaimer

Medical Tourism in Colombia operates as a facilitator that connects clients with medical and dental professionals in Colombia. While we endeavor to provide accurate information and facilitate connections, the choice of a specific medical provider ultimately rests solely with the client. 


We do not assume responsibility or liability for the outcomes of any medical or dental procedures or treatments performed by the recommended medical or dental professionals. Clients are encouraged to conduct their own research, verify credentials, and make informed decisions regarding their healthcare choices.


By utilizing our services, clients acknowledge and agree that Medical Tourism in Colombia shall not be held responsible for any dissatisfaction, issues, complications, or consequences arising from the services provided by the referred medical or dental professionals.


Please consult with the chosen medical  or dental provider directly to understand their terms, conditions, and any associated risks before proceeding with any medical treatment.

World Class Healthcare - Serious Savings

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